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All runners (or walkers) are not created equal!  We each have our own strides, foot shapes and foot functions.  Because of this, you cannot just walk into a shoe store and pull a shoe off the wall and hope it works.  Each shoe is broken up into categories based on your foot type and how it functions.  Our staff is trained to fit you in the right shoes for you.  Here are the steps we take to ensure the right fit for every foot.

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             STEP 3: TRY ON & RE-EVALUATION

Now comes the fun part.  We bring out some shoes for you to try and make sure they are the right length and width for your foot.  We then watch you walk in each pair to re-evaluate and make sure the shoe is providing the right amount of support.  You are welcome to take the shoes for a spin on our treadmill to see how great they feel while running.

             STEP 4: HAPPY FEET

Now that you have a great new pair of shoes, the world is your oyster.  Whether you go on to conquer marathons, lose those 5 pounds you've been fighting, or just take a walk around the block; our hope as always is that you "Wear Them In Good Health".

             STEP 1: GETTING TO KNOW YOU

We start out by asking you several questions to get a better idea of what type of shoe best suits your needs.  Are you using the shoes for Running, Walking, or just everyday use?  Do you have any current or previous injuries?  Is there a particular type of shoe that has or has not worked for you in the past?  We want to know it all.

             STEP 2: GAIT ANALYSIS

We watch you walk barefoot from several angles to determine the way your foot functions as you go through your gait cycle.  This is extremely important to make sure you are in the right shoe for you.  Once we determine how your foot functions we will guide you toward the proper category and explain how and why the shoes in this category will work best for you.